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Real Food Realtor is where real food meets simple gourmet through easy recipes you can do at home. Variety is the spice of life! And when it comes to food, my motto is:

Ya gotta eat. It might as well taste fantastic!

Eating is a lot more fun when it’s colorful and pretty. Real Food to me is food that God created in its most natural state, not processed or manufactured.  Fake foods, boxed and pre-packaged foods are out. That means that animal meats are raised properly on pasture, grass fed, no regular use of antibiotics or hormones, and absolutely no GMOs. Fruits and vegetables are raised organically, without the use of pesticides. That means raw dairy products. That means butter is in, canola oil and margarine are out.

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CSA Box Week 12 Meal Plan

Week 12! I think we are halfway through our CSA season. This week, we received Yellow Squash, Tomatoes, Spaghetti Squash, ”CSA

CSA box week 10 & 11 meal plan

Week 10 and 11! I’m a little behind. I did just have a baby, ya know?  These last 2 boxes have had the same produce (minus the ”CSA…</p

Creamy Chicken Eggplant Lasagna

I have to admit, eggplant hasn’t ever been one of my favorites but I’ve come to enjoy it in particular recipes. This one is so good, I’ve made it 2 weeks in a row…

CSA Week 8 Meal Plan

Our CSA took last week off since so many folks were out of town for July 4th so I’m so excited to get a new box today!

It includes

Crunchy Baked Green Beans Fries

crunchy green bean fries

I got a nice stash of green beans in my CSA box this week. My kids aren’t fans of green beans. On my quest to find a kid proof way to

CSA box Week 7 Meal Plan

CSA box week 7 meal plan

Tuesday is the new Monday! It’s the day I get an idea for what I’m cooking the rest of the week. Here’s our  Southland Farms CSA box stash and what I plan…

CSA Box Week 6 Meal Plan

CSA box week 6 meal plan

More fresh veggies make me happy, happy, happy! This is week 6 of our CSA and we received red beets, rainbow swiss chard, various squash and zucchini, torpedo onions (Italian), pickling cucumbers,…

CSA Week 5 Meal Plan

CSA Week 5 Meal Plan
I’m so excited for a new week of produce from Southland Farms! This week, we received cabbage, fennel, squash, onion, cucumbers, beets, cauliflower and shallots. Here’s my…

Savory Strawberry Pizza

Strawberries are in season as you know! And I picked up 2 extra gallons yesterday from Flat Top Mountain Farm. As much as we Strawberry pizzajust…

What I did with 4 gallons of strawberries

It’s strawberry season!! There is nothing like the sweetness of a ripe, local strawberry in season. I picked up 4 gallons of organic strawberries from Watsonia ”strawberries